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Strategic Operations Leader

Jeree Slack

I bring over a decade of experience in strategy, ​operations, and project management as a Global ​Program Manager. With a strong background in market ​analysis, strategic planning, and process enhancement, ​I hold certifications as a corporate trainer and Lean Six ​Sigma Black Belt.

I aim to merge business strategies with operational ​excellence to achieve significant outcomes for my ​company and its customers. I have led various intricate ​projects, including the innovative UX Experience ​engagement, a pioneering sales platform that ​revolutionized interactions for sellers and partners. By ​fostering teamwork across departments, proactively ​managing risks, and paying close attention to detail, I ​have delivered solutions that surpassed stakeholder ​expectations, boosting growth and efficiency. I thrive in ​fast-paced settings, excelling in forming and motivating ​top-performing project teams to navigate challenges ​smoothly.

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In my professional journey, I've dived deep into the ​intricacies of Program Management, honing my ​expertise in navigating complexities and achieving ​successful outcomes. Alongside this professional ​pursuit, I've cultivated a profound interest in thriller ​filmmaking. Crafting suspenseful narratives and ​building immersive cinematic atmospheres have ​become integral to my creative expression. My ​approach to life centers on resilience, adaptability, ​and a steadfast commitment to continuous ​improvement. I view challenges as opportunities ​for growth and remain dedicated to making ​meaningful contributions in every facet of my life.

My approach

A relentless pursuit of growth and excellence ​characterizes my approach to life. I approach ​challenges with determination and resilience, ​viewing them as opportunities for learning and ​development. With a proactive mindset, I seek out ​new experiences and knowledge, constantly ​pushing the boundaries of my capabilities. ​Embracing change and innovation, I remain ​adaptable and open-minded, always striving to ​evolve personally and professionally. My approach ​to life is rooted in a commitment to continuous ​improvement, seeking to make meaningful ​contributions to myendeavors and the world ​around her.


I have embarked on an educational ​journey that has honed my expertise in ​Program Management, diving deep into ​various aspects such as strategic ​planning, stakeholder engagement, risk ​management, and project execution. ​Through rigorous coursework, hands-on ​experience, and continuous learning, I ​have developed a comprehensive ​understanding of the intricacies of ​leading and overseeing multifaceted ​projects and initiatives to fruition.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, December 2011

Alabama State University

Masters of Science in Human Resource Management, October 2016

Indiana Wesleyan University

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), October 2024

Indiana Wesleyan University


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Global Institute, October 2021

Project Management Professional (PMP), July 2024


In my professional journey, I've ​immersed myself in Program ​Management, exploring key areas like ​strategic planning, stakeholder ​engagement, risk management, and ​project execution. Through a blend of ​academic study, practical application, ​and ongoing learning, I've cultivated a ​robust skill set and gained valuable ​insights into the complexities of steering ​diverse projects to success.

Genesys Cloud Services, Inc.

Global Program Manager | March 2023-Present

Strategy & Operations Program Manager | March 2022-March 2023

Sales Training Manager | May 2021-March 2022

Sales Training Administrator | April 2020-May 2021

Talent Acquisition Coordinator | May 2019-March 2020

Various Roles in Social Services | 2012-2019

Corrections Officer, Family Case Manager, Disability Claims Adjudicator, ​Probation Officer and Civil Rights Investigator.


Carolina Women+ in Tech

Board Member & Membership Lead



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Charlotte, NC

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